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Mercedes Benz Smash Repair Equipment



Perhaps the most critical stage of car repair is the body alignment. For this reason we have installed the latest computerised Body Alignment System. By using the specially designated jigs we can simultaneously correct body damage and control realignment by accurate measurement of critical dimensions. The car is then reassembled on the alignment system, thereby ensuring restoration is completed to the original manufacturers specifications and tolerances.

Correct chassis alignment ensures:

Precise road handling
Protection of resale value

The majority of  motor vehicles today, especially European built vehicles, are produced using high strength low tensile steels. It is imperative that vehicles produced with these steels are welded using appropriate welders to ensure that the steel does not fracture during welding.  Our range of welding technology allows us to replicate the original factory welds.

The Inverter welder allows us to reproduce factory spot welds, which penetrate through the panels thus creating a strong bond between the panels without causing any fractures. This is an accurate and safe method of spot welding panels together.

Mig Brazing is a soft compound weld that allows us to reproduce factory finish welds. Like the inverter welder, Mig Brazing can be used on all steels. It too is a safe and accurate method of welding without causing any fractures or distortion.

Aluminum Welding Some late model vehicles are produced using Aluminum body components. Aluminum can only be repaired using an aluminum welder due to the different resistance levels.


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